Friday, July 06, 2007

Cosmo Galactic Prism

This past month, Oslo's Prins Thomas released a compilation mix entitled, Cosmo Galactic Prism. This Eskimo records release consists of over 30 tracks that fall more on the laid back listening side, rather than the dancefloor side. With first listen, the album might even come off a bit slow, however, with a few more listens, I find myself feeling like I'm absorbed within a cosmic galactic trance, which is what I think Mr. Thomas was going for. I would recommend listening to this album using headphones, and pay close attention to the detailed panning from song to song. On this comp, there seems to be a mix of new and rare cosmic gems, for example he has some new disco classics like Lindstrom's "Another Station" and Bjorn Torske's "Soloppgang Over Yukigaya" along with old classics like The Paper Dolls 1977 cut "Get Down Boy" and Can's Holger Czukay 1979 funky "Cool in the Pool". Another nice element of the album is the solid mixing from one song to another, for example, I really like the moodswing from the slow space grooving "Sapphire" by Zombi, to the more upbeat percussion heavy "African Nightclub" by The Now Generation. Eskimo didn't leave out the "Vinyl Lover's" (Like myself), some of the tracks best and more upbeat cuts where released on two seperate 12-inches. Even though this release is a little bit of Prins Thomas's slower cosmic side, which might not be for everyone, it still showcases solid production and a nice collection of rarities that really give you a "Cosmic Experience".

Here is an excerpt of the album, mixing Zombi's "Saphire" into The Now Generation's "African Nightclub", along with my favorite track on the album, The Paper Dolls' "Get Down Boy".

Zombi/The Now Generation - Saphire/African Nightclub
(Prins Thomas mix)

The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy
(Prins Thomas Mix w/Additional Edits By Love On The Run)

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ramen said...

love the paper dolls - get down boy track! got the CD and vinyls too.. awesome!