Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Loft Classic

The Loft Classics label, which releases rare and classic disco bootlegs that were made famous by David Mancuso's NYC Loft Club back in the '70's, recently released Loft Classics Volume XVI. The sixteenth edition of this growing series, highlight's Crown Heights Affair's 1978 classic disco single "Say A Prayer For Two". This U.S. remixed version was originally released as a B-Side to their I'm Gonna Love You Forever 12". In my opinion "Say A Prayer For Two" is Crown Heights Affair at their finest even though they have written some other amazing disco classics like "Dreaming A Dream", "Foxy Lady", "Sure Shot", etc. Regarless of your favorite Crown Heights Affair track, Loft Classics Volume XVI is a great bootleg 12-inch that could end up saving your pocket book a lot of money.

Crown Heights Affair - Say A Prayer For Two (US Remix Version)

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