Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Disco Flasher

Legendary Canadian producer Gino Soccio has been one of disco's greatest producer's since he came on the scene in 1977 with the group Kebekelektrik. In 1979, Soccio helped produce a timeless disco masterpiece with the self-titled double LP by Gotham Flasher. This record sounds like a mix of traditional Soccio productions like "Dancer", "Love Is", "Dance To Dance", etc. This four track LP was released by the Keylock label, which was disco label based in New York in the 1970's. Gotham Flasher's existence was short lived, however not before they produced four classic disco gems.

Gotham Flasher - Love The Love

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Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

bringin the heat my man. Nice. I appreciate your efforts in surfacing such cool music. Peace

Gold Code said...

wow, I thought I had heard it all by him-awesome, thanks for this.

Steele said...

ver heard this gino soccio track before, and its a corker. Thanks

Pat Les Stache said...

Yes, I love this song. It's been over looked when people discuss Gino Soccio's works.