Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deutschland Disco Power

Not Actual Compilation ArtworkI recently ordered Marina Records new 2 x vinyl LP compilation Disco Deutschland Disco:Funk & Philly Anthems From Germany 1975-1980. Now we know that there has been some great artists who have come out this region, like my personal favorites Kraftwerk & Manuel Göttsching, however this compilation focuses on the more obscure German disco/funk artists and songs from this period. This release, like most great compilations, serves as an eye opener to many great unknown artists, including Alfie Khan Sound Orchestra, Jackie Carter, and Ganymed. The record also includes some classic tracks from some of Germany's disco heavyweights like Supermax, Munich Machine, and Silver Convention. There are many standout tracks on this compilation, however the one I'm currently enjoying the most is the LP's opening track "You’ve Got The Power Pt.1" by Su Kramer. Kramer wouldn't be really considered a disco artist necessarily, however her disco roots do run deep as she started her music career alongside Donna Summer as a cast member of the first German musical production of “Hair”. However, in 1976 she explored into the disco genre and released Hier Ist Das Leben which featured "You’ve Got The Power Pt.1". The original track was sung in german, however she later released an English sung version as a 7-inch only release. Overall, "You’ve Got The Power Pt.1" is just one example of the solid German disco classics that you can find on this outstanding compilation.

Su Kramer - You’ve Got The Power Pt.1

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CoolBee said...

Hello from Germany! Well, I'm not very patriotic in general, but - leaving some of our very seriously shameful historical heritage aside here - our musical heritage if it comes to disco is certainly nothing to be proud of...I certainly prefer New York (and other US-)Disco from the 1970s that explores latin / african-american roots.

Ryan said...

no you didn't! I've been looking for this track ALL OVER but haven't been able to find it at all. much love from brooklyn!

Kristian said...

Several weeks ago, I came across this post, and while I couldn't check out the mp3, I took your word, and I LUV this album like a chicken fried steak smothered in cream gravy! Yummy yum yum!
That said, are you familiar with an album entitled "Melodies in Love: The Erotic World of Gerhard Heinz"? It a jewel of a collection of cuts from soundtracks from (mostly) German soft-core films Heinz scored throughout the 60's and 70's. Melody in Love, Vanessa, and Isle of Love are just some of my fave tracks.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Hi, I am German and I was just listening to the great compilation today (Disco Deutschland Disco).

Su Kramer is really great, it is her second-best song in my opinion (after "Kinder der Liebe" of 1974).

Now, let me put a bit of light onto those artists you called obscure:

Alfie Khan is really Joachim Heider, he used many pseudonyme like that. He is the one who actually discovered 14-year old Marianne Rosenberg in 1970, he produced her big hits until (I think) 1980 or so.

He also discovered Christian Anders, and he wrote masses and masses of hits for Schlager singers like Siw Malmkvist, Anna-Lena, Michael Holm, Peter Maffay, Roland Kaiser, Rex Gildo, and even for the Wheather Girls.

He tried several times to start a singing career on his own, didn't really work out. He is a better writer and composer.

Jackie Carter is actually one of those great Munich Singers who delivered great vocals on early Disco records others would get famous for! Have you ever heard her name before? No? How about Claudia Schwarz? Never heard either? Listen to the early records of Donna Summer, Silver Convention, Amanda Lear, or all those weird Moroder Pseudo-Porn-albums or Munich Machine LPs - you will hear Claudia Schwarz and Jackie Carter. And others also, but I forgot the other names right now. Oh ja, Jerry Rix was often the male voice with them. Just in case anybody cares...

Martin Eckhardt said...

Disco is back! Su Kramer is back! The first worldwide release... With her disco hit "You've got the power" in 1976 Su Kramer celebrated internationally a tremendous success. The original version was produced by Joachim Heider. It was published in 17 countries and made it's way straight into the US disco charts. Big news in 2009! The return of "You've got the power". Top producer and No. 1 DJ Gary D. remembered this chart breaker and initiated a studio session with Su and two more producers. The exciting results are five remix-versions which will animate disco fans to party on the dance floors. For Download: Musicload, Mediamarkt, Saturn, T-Mobile, Soulseduction, djshop, djdownload, nupharmic, junodownload, trackitdown, tr-ance, emusic, nuloop, musicstar, iTunes.