Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ain't It Time

Recently, I've been getting into anything and everything that I'm discovering from Peter Brown and Patrick Adams' legendary P&P Records. I recently did a post on the many labels that producer Peter Brown has run, however in my opinion P&P Records has to be my favorite releasing disco mixes by Kenny Dope and Danny Krivit, along with releasing original disco gems like Cloud One's 1976 classic LP "Atmosphere Strutt", Marta Acuna's erotic 1977 disco classic Dance, Dance, Dance, and Jesse Gould disco-funk 12-inch jam "Out of Work". The P&P release that I've been listening to the most lately is Queen Yahna's 1976 disco-diva gem "Ain't It Time". With its amazingly uplifting vibe and 'ain't it time you went home' lyric, this track has 'last tune' written all over it. The song also includes some nice percussion work that really rounds out Queen Yahna's "Loleatta Holloway-like" vocals. Another classic release from a legendary disco label.

Queen Yahna - Ain't It Time

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1 comment:

Jay Watts III said...

A great P&P 2XLP came out a couple of years ago with my personal favourite, Clyde Alexander's "Got To Have Your Love."

Also, I've been lurking forever, so I should say that I love your blog!