Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Come On

Here is a rare slow grooving soundtrack cut from the 1976 Francois Reichenbach directed French adult film Sex O'Clock U.S.A., entitled "Baby Come On". The movie is basically a documentary that explores sexual behavior within the U.S. nightclubs during the 1970's. The movie soundtrack was produced by French disco producer Claude Pascal and written by French composer Mort Shuman. The soundtrack featured numerous erotic disco-funk and synthesized rock cuts. In 1976, New York's Prelude Records and Canada's London label released a 12-inch disco single of "Baby Come On", which also included the track "You're My Man". The film soundtrack and single are very rare finds that constitute some solid disco production that can help enhance any adult movie experience.

Sex O'Clock U.S.A. - Baby Come On

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funkchild said...

nice post had this track for a while but i prefer the other track on there get it up baby any chance of posting any of the other tracks on the lp i only have the 2 tracks and you are right it is hard to get a hold off . many thx merry xmas

Bubbles said...

This is a great track! totaly ripe for a remix. That guitar and bass line is bumpin'

Christine said...

Thank you for this one, wow!