Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dancing In Paradise

W. Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder released many classic disco 12-inches and LP's during the mid to late 1970's under many different aliases including Rinder & Lewis, Discognsis, Saint Tropez, and Tuxedo Junction. The disco project that many feel they're best known for was El Coco. This duo hooked up in 1973 when AVI Records hired the two of them to play on some extended soul remixes. With the emerging disco sound, Rinder and Lewis went onto producing and recording their own tracks in 1975, under the name El Coco. From 1975 to 1980, El Coco released six LP's including, my personal favorites, 1976's Let's Get It Together and 1978's Dancing In Paradise, as well as some amazing singles including, "Love In Your Life", "Afrodesia", "Cocomotion", and the brilliant self-titled cut "Dancing In Paradise". In 1980 Rinder and Lewis retired the El Coco aliase to focus on some of their other collaborative projects. The Disco Deviance label recently released a new re-edit by Eddie Tour of El Coco's "Afrodesia" and "Coco Kane", which is very solid. El Coco is definitely another fine production from two of disco's brightest minds, W. Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder.

El Coco - Love In Your Life

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