Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Sound of Trocadéro

In 1978, one of my favorite disco producers, Alec R. Costandinos, helped put together and write the soundtrack for Michael Schock's French film Trocadéro Bleu Citron, a movie based around kid's roller skating life in Paris in the 1970's. With soundtracks, they at times make for great concept albums based around a certain story or film, however most of the time I find that they aren't that great, consisting of a bunch of random songs that don't really fit together in any way. That being said, I recently was able to find a copy of this LP at a local record store and after a few listens, I found that this particular soundtrack was definitely one of the better soundtracks that I've come across in a long while. Alec R. Costandinos includes a couple of solid disco gems with the sixteen minute instrumental version of "Trocadéro Suite" and my personal favorite "Grooves" which closes out the record. He also includes some more slower exotic downtempo cuts with "Moments Of Love" and "Trocadéro Lemon Bleu". All the tracks seem to flow nicely together and make for a nice French disco record without even seeing the film. If you love that exotic French disco sound from the 1970's that Costandinos mastered so well during his early years, this is definitely a great record worth owning.

Alec R. Costandinos - Grooves

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Anonymous said...

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osses said...

I like main theme the most-with vocales - trocaaaaaadeeeero:)

Tommy said...

Great choice! Definitely my favourite on the Trocadero soundtrack. Too bad there wasn't an extended version of this.. Anyway, your selections are excellent - keep up the great work!

American Athlete said...

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the kind words, I love reading Disco Delivery as well. I agree, an extended edit of this track would be nice, espcially since it's such a great track.

Maybe I'll take a stab at it. Thanks for checking in.

Harshi said...

Thanks for this article! A forever amazing disco album.
If anyone is looking for the complete album, feel free to contact me. I will share the link =)

Just leave me a comment at Goodbye!