Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A New Disco Weekly Coming to Seattle!

I wanted to make the early announcement that starting Wednesday, March 5th, I along with many other local and national deejays/promoters will be hosting a new disco night weekly at Havana called 'Studio'. This night, which is a spin off of the party that we threw back in December at the Nectar. Now moved to Havana (1010 E Pike Street, Capitol Hill) as a weekly event happening every Wednesday, everyone in Seattle finally has an 'all disco night' where they can hear all the selections I post on this blog as well as many other classic and rare disco, italo, and cosmic funk tracks. There will be rotating cast of deejays that include myself (TJ Gorton), HMA, DJ Colin, J-Justice, and many many more. The first night will also include free LP giveaways courtesy from Seattle's Light in the Attic Records. Mark your calendars for March 5th and every Wednesday after that as the night that we celebrate, dance, and turn Havana into an underground 1970's discotheque, a la Paradise Garage, The Gallery, The Loft, Cosmic, Baia Degli Angeli, Studio 54, etc.

More info coming soon.

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jelky said...

looking forward to this! i went to one of your Solo first friday nights and loved the tracks and got a chance to say hi. Havana's got an even better dance floor. can't wait

American Athlete said...

Finding a venue that everyone can dance was part of the reason to have the night at Havana.

Please help get the word out if you can, me and the other deejays billed are definitely looking forward to putting this night on!

acidbearboy said...

Hey man, I'll be hitting Seattle sometime in May as part of my trip across Canada and the USA. I hope this night is still running then, as I will definately be checking out one of your parties if there's one while I'm in town.

American Athlete said...

Hey Acid Bear Boy,

If your trip comes through Seattle on a Wednesday, you'll definitely be able to check it out.

Email me when you get to Seattle, I can also show you around a bit.

Keep in touch.