Friday, February 29, 2008

Weekly Recommendation

Phantom Slasher - Blow Me Slow 12"
This week I want to recommend checking out Phantom Slasher's new 12" re-edit single Blow Me Slow. Over the past few year's, Phantom Slasher, who are better know as Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell of the Idjut Boys, have released many great records including 2006 ground breaking release Gruble. This new 12" single see's these two new school disconauts take on and rearrange Hot R.S.'s 1977 Slow Blow and Barrabas's 1972 loft classic, Woman. This often, tongue-and-cheek aliase, tends to have fun with rearranging the track titles, as they do here with "Blow Me Slow", followed by "Woman". Both are exceptional re-edits that can work nicely together in a mix with other nicely 'mangled' disco cuts. I also find that most of Phantom Slasher's records, as do all the Noid Recordings are generally limited and move very fast, so if you enjoy Phantom Slasher edits as much as I do, I would recommend picking up this 12" very quickly. Overall, it's another nice addition to the amazing Noid collection.

Phantom Slasher - Woman (Sample Clip)
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Enrique said...

Listened to both samples of both tracks on the Juno site... Fire!