Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekly Recommendation

Maelstrom - Edits EP #1 12"
This week I want to recommend checking out the new re-edit 12" from Glasgow's Maelstrom. After last year's release of their solid edit of Metro Area's "Miura", Maelstrom blesses us with their new re-edit 12", Edits EP #1 off of the Solardisco label. Ihaven't been able to track down any information regarding the originals that are being edited, however this record has all the great elements of a classic disco record, a nice blend of cosmic and funky grooves that can really keep a dancefloor moving. The three track 12" is solid all the way through, with my personal favorite being the latin-funk influenced "Devilish Fun", which includes one of the funkiest basslines I've heard in quite sometime. Overall, many re-edit records are released year-after-year, in which some you might buy and some you might pass on, however, one listen to this new 12", you'll agree that this is definitely one re-edit 12" that you must own. Go get it!

Maelstrom - Devilish Fun (Sample Clip)
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