Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekly Recommendation

Tangoterje - I Want Your Love 12"
'Disco Edit Master', Todd Terje returns under his Tangoterje alias to release another outstanding re-edit 12" for his own label, Supreme Records. Speaking of 'supreme', that's a fine way of describing this hot new 12", which includes re-edits of Chic's "I Want Your Love" and Claudja Barry's "Sweet Dynamite", which on a side note, is a favorite of mine to play out. Like the amazing re-edit records he has released over the past few years on Supreme, this record consists of some of the best new disco edits that are currently out there. Terje always tends to choose great songs to edit, knowing what adds to the song, as well as knowing how to back off a bit and let the tracks original greatness take over. This record is a good example, again, of Terje working his magic.

Tangoterje - I Want Your Love (Sample Clip)
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pipecock said...

i don't see what needed edited about this track, but if you need something i dont think anyone will be touching kenny dixon jr's "i can't kick this feeling when it hits".......

count said...

I think the blatant nod (hello kenny) to the obviously superior KDJ "i can't kick this feeling...", basically a chic edit, is hilarious. Why does anybody think this track needs to be edited?