Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Another Salsoul Invention

The late 70's French disco group, The Salsoul Invention, can easily be mistaken for the more known Vince Montana Jr. brainchild The Salsoul Orchestra. The confusion could be rooted from the fact that on the groups only LP, Salsoul Explosion, released back in 1977, covers many Salsoul Orchestra classics like "Nice 'N' Naasty", "Salsoul Hustle", "Get Happy". The Salsoul Invention, from what I can find, seems to be France's take on the growing popularity of Philadelphia's Salsoul label and artists, including The Salsoul Orchestra. The album also finds the group covering other disco classic's like Walter Murphy's version of "A Fifth Of Beethoven" and Jesse Green's "Nice and Slow". That being said this excellent record doesn't rely purely on classic covers as some of the album's best cuts lie within the original productions like "Double Action", "Soul Machine", and "Follow me into the car". Overall, this an excellent album and a rare collector's item for any fan of early Salsoul productions as well as fans of The Salsoul Ochestra and Vince Montana Jr.

The Salsoul Invention - Double Action
The Salsoul Invention - Nice and Slow

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