Monday, April 21, 2008

Get It Up For Love

I'm starting my week off featuring an "uplifting" cut that I've been really getting into as of late, which is Tata Vega's "Get It Up For Love". This mid-tempo disco gem was released back in 1979 on the Try My Love LP. The track was released both as a 7-inch and 12-inch single off of Motown. A solid re-edit of the track has recently been featured on Dimitri From Paris's After The Playboy Mansion (Laidback Selections) LP compilation. A smooth disco classic that nicely fits in the middle of any disco playlist.

Tata Vega - Get It Up For Love (12" Version)

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rustygerv said...

hey man! wicked post! and lots of cool stuff here!
keep it coming... :-]
it occured to me that you might like some of the stuff coming out of 'Dissident Records', a UK based label. they do lush retrofuturist cosmic funk disco with a dark little edge... scool....
in case you were wondering, no, i have nothing whatsoever to do with Dissident myself! for once, this isn't a shameless plug!

melenie said...

soul good

Sir Vinyl Instinct said...

Hey. Check out my (Sir Vinyl Instinct) extended edit of this. Completely changes yet keeps the same groove mid way.

Hope you like,

Sir Vinyl Instinct