Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's An All Night Thing

Yesterday I found a copy of Invisible Man's Band 1980 self-titled LP. I can honestly say that I wasn't completely feeling this album when I first heard it a while back, however over time, the record has grown on me. This LP falls in-line with that disco music that came out at the very tail end of the genres' golden era that helped transition the remaining disco's smoothly into the dance era of the 80's. Classic cuts like "All Night Thing" and "Love Can't Come / Love Has Come" tend to really grow on you after a few listens, and admittingly has a bit of a Earth, Wind, & Fire smooth feel to it. Overall, after a few listens, I was happy to have found the hard-to-find LP, making it a nice addition to anyones disco collection.

Invisible Man's Band - All Night Thing

I also think I'll drop "All Night Thing" tonight at STUDIO! for your listening pleasure. Let me know what you think.

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Chantilly Bass said...

Dig it! Cheers

Jacob said...

Found this record today and bought it only cause I thought it was you that had posted it. Thanks! Its kinda ok!