Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's In Your Blood

When I was record store shopping this weekend, I found a mint copy of Linda Hopkins's 1977 12" single It's In Your Blood in a bargain bin for $1.99. I had never previosuly heard this rare disco gem, however after hearing the track at one of the record store's listening stations I immediately fell in love with the track. The song was written by disco legend Billy Nichols as well as being produced by Bert DeCoteaux who also worked on one of my favorite Lonnie Liston Smith tracks in the 1978 cosmic jazz cut "Space Princess". I find that sometimes bargain bins are mostly full of common finds, and one can go months and maybe years before finding anything worthy of the time a person put's into digging through crates and crates of records however on this certain day I felt like I really scored big with this 12-inch gem.

Linda Hopkins - It's In Your Blood

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peter said...

as always, thanks for sharing!

pipecock said...

this is my jam, its been on my wants list! i cant wait to find myself a copy.....