Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Time Keeps On Slippin'

In the 1970's, Producer/Songwriter Dexter Wansel, like many other jazz rooted musicians at the time, including Herbie Hancock, Herbie Mann, Eumir Deodato, Roy Ayers, and Lonnie Liston Smith were able to successfully bridge the gap between jazz, funk, soul, and disco. This Philadelphia-born keyboardist, starting in 1976, put together a string of solid and successfull releases including Life On Mars, What The World Is Coming To, Voyager, and 1979's Time Is Slipping Away. Lately I've been absorbing the opening track of Wansel's Time Is Slipping Away record, titled "I'll Never Forget (My Favourite Disco)", which is a smooth dancefloor cut that tends to lend itself more to the disco/funk side. "I'll Never Forget" is without a doubt, the best track on the record, whith the rest of the album focused a little bit more on funk and slower anthem tracks. Overall, however, "I'll Never Forget" represents just one of Wansel's many classic productions during this era of jazz influenced disco/dance music.

Dexter Wansel - I'll Never Forget (My Favourite Disco)

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discoconnie said...

Great song. I love how it turns grown men into spinning things.