Friday, May 09, 2008

Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone

A few weeks ago I found a copy of Five Special's "Why Leave Us Alone" while diggin through crates of records. I had previously never heard of this track, so I didn't know what to expect, however with one listen I knew I found a soul flavored disco gem. I wondered why I'd never of heard this track until recently, specially after doing some research and finding that this single broke the top ten of the R & B charts back in 1979 and was also a favorite of Paradise Garage's Larry Levan. This detroit based group only lasted for a few years during the late 70's with little success, however, not before putting out a solid dancefloor classic in "Why Leave Us Alone".

Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone

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Space Cowboy said...

A favourite of mine too. I think Larry Levan actually produced this as well (or did a remix). It struck me as a really transitional record, the first half rooted in late 70s disco whilst the thumping more synthesised bass in the second half is a nod to 80s boogie.

Social Disco Club said...

Hi Tj!
Actually the best version of this one is by Larry Levan & Billy Kessler.
A very rare 12", btw.



melenieyap said...

of course it was done in '79 - only one of the best years of music production!
it's really bugging me because i feel like this has been sampled somewhere recently! what is it?!

A Pyrex Scholar said...


christopher said...

One of my absolute favs!