Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amor, Amor Slide... Easy In

One of the best finds that I picked while I was in Paris a couple weeks back was Rod McKuen's 1977 disco classic Amor, Amor Slide... Easy In. This record became huge in Europe with the chart topping single "Amor". The record also became popular within the Gay community with tracks like "Don’t Drink The Orange Juice", which was directed towards Anita Bryant, who was carrying on a heated campaign against Gay Rights in Florida while being that state’s Orange Juice spokesperson. My favorite cut on the record is the erotic disco cut "Easy In", which is basically a male moaning over a uptempo disco groove. The album also became an attraction due to the record's cover shot which featured iron icon Bruno's mighty fist full of Crisco coming out of a renamed Disco can. This hard-to-find record has been commonly known as "The Crisco Disco Album", and has become a major collectors item within the states. On vacation some people buy souvenirs like magnets, t-shirts, and postcards, I feel like I walked away with something much much better.

Rod McKuen - Easy In
Rod McKuen - Amor

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dj fan said...

Please post a few more cuts from this LP, I remember it well, and it was great. I thought "AMOUR" was a longer cut at one time ?? How about a TJ Remix combining both cuts ?? :-))))))))))))))))
Thanks A LOVE YOUR SITE !!!!

American Athlete said...

I'll try to post more tracks as I'm able to get the entire thing converted digitally. Look for them soon!

professor Eddy said...

Yes, I remember 'Amor'! It reached #10 in the Dutch pop charts. Never heard it since. It's a bit of novelty record for a guy who made anti-war songs and Jacques Brel translations earlier in his career. Wasn't he from Canada? Very nice pick!

Andy said...

Always heard about "Crisco Disco" but had NO IDEA it originated from this album cover! LOVE IT!! That "Easy In" track is H.O.T.! Always a treat visiting your site. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can re-post this? It sounds so intriguing.

nicko75 said...

One more nice treat ! Any chance you could post the entire LP? It would be great !!! And thanks for the good job mister Pat ! Patrice (Paris-France)