Friday, August 01, 2008

1979, It's Dancing Time

Mauro Malavasi has been right at the center of some of disco's finest releases and projects. Malavasi has helped produce, write, and arrange for some of disco music's most notable groups, including Macho, Change, Peter Jacques Band as well as many others. Another group that Malavasi helped produce during the late 1970's was Revanche. In 1979 they released the gay disco themed Music Man album which included one of my personal favorite cuts in "1979, It's Dancing Time". "1979, It's Dancing Time" features Jocelyn Brown as the lead vocals while the rest of the music was performed by the fully Italian Goody Music Orchestra. The interesting thing about "1979, It's Dancing Time" is that it sounds completely different from the rest of the record, and in my opinion is by far the strongest cut on the album. Revanche didn't sell enought copies and the story of Revanche reached an early end despite the potential that could have flourished ever more. The Music Man album as a whole didn't sell as well as many surrounding the project would of liked and the project disbanded after just one record, however not all was lost with "1979, It's Dancing Time" being one of Mauro Malavasi's finest produced classics.

Revanche - 1979, It's Dancing Time

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a real find! Very tidy production that's managed to hold up despite its age. Thanks for posting and for digging through the crates to come up with this one.

professor Eddy said...

Good choice! I discovered this one on a new compilation album called 'Disco Italia' recently.

Basto said...

Une ligne de bass terrible... bref le son italien comme je l'aime :)

DJ Howie said...