Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful Bend In Boogie Motion

Legendary disco producer Boris Midney has released numerous disco classics under many different names, including Beautiful Bend, Caress, U.S.A. - European Connection, and Double Discovery, however one of my all-time favorite records from this Russian born producer is Beautiful Bend's 1978 LP Make That Feeling Come Again!. This amazing record features four tracks, two on each side, basically mixed together to make two incredibly long however effective disco gems. I usually struggle to listen to long medley's, however on this record Midney does a nice job of including some strong substantial breaks without stoping the beat in order to show where one song stops and another begins. My favorite cut on the record is the second half of the A-side "Boogie Motion", which has a nice funky mid-tempo disco groove throughout as well as a very catching chorus hook. Overall, this record showcases some of the producer's finest work and is definitely a "must-have" for all Boris Midney fans.

Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion

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