Monday, August 18, 2008

House of the Rising Sun

Recently I found a suprising dancefloor gem in Idris Muhammad's 1976 version of "House of the Rising Sun". Muhammad, whom is known more by many as a jazz artist, has actually released some good crossover dancefloor boogie classics including "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This", "Foxhuntin'", and "Boogie To The Top". That same "boogie feel" also exists on "House of the Rising Sun", which at this point has been covered by just about every disco artist out there. And when it comes to Mr. Muhammad I do tend to be a bit "hit-and-miss", with some of his stuff just sounding a bit too free-jazzy for me, however on this well-covered classic, this legendary soul-jazz artist puts together a crossover masterpiece that audiences from many different genres can enjoy and dance to.

Idris Muhammad - House of the Rising Sun

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