Thursday, September 04, 2008

Disco Power Player

Lately I've been really getting into the disco edits coming out by Soft Rocks. This UK re-edit machine has been putting out some amazing disco re-edit's the past few years. One of my favorite re-edits that they have put out was their version of Greg Kihn Band's 1983 popular pop rock cut "Jeopardy". This edit, re-titled "Double Gepardeu", was featured on Soft Rock's Disco Power Play II a couple years ago. Soft Rocks does a nice job taking this more 80's pop rock original and adding a bit of more "late italo sounding" back-beat groove to it, as well as removing some of the song's more 'cheesier' moments. Overall it's a solid edit taken from an unconventional source in the Greg Kihn Band, which, in my opinion, even makes it that much better. I highly recommend checking out more from Soft Rocks when you have a chance.

Soft Rocks - Double Gepardeu

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1 comment:

Tim M said...

wow, never noticed those italo synths in this song! cool version