Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Could Be The Night

Here is a great track by Karla Garrison entitled "This Could Be The Night". If you love that Cocktail Disco sound that Dimitri From Paris coined so nicely a few years back then this track is right up your alley. The song was released back in 1978 as twelve-inch single and was produced by Gilda C. Woods, who also helped produce many great cuts for Brenda & The Tabulations during the late 1970's. Overall, it's great track to start the night off with or help wind-down an evening. No matter when it's played, it's safe to say that if there truly is something called 'Cocktail Disco', then this song fits right in with that genre.

Karla Garrison - This Could Be The Night

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professor Eddy said...

It has a bit of a Philly feel as well. Nice one! This was her only release, as far as I know.

jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

Beautiful track, thank you so much.

Peace, Jerome