Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Night Ride To Venus

Another nice find that I happened to pick-up in 2008 was Venus Dodson's 1979 disco boogie gem "Night Rider/Where Are We Headed" twelve-inch, originally from her classic album Night Rider. Even though Venus Dodson's "Where Are We Headed", along with "Night Rider" helped make her solo outing a success, the disco diva made a name for herself well before the release of her debut material. Throughout the mid to late 1970's she contributed to some of disco's finest records including Patrick Adams' Phreek, Sine's Happy Is The Only Way, Herbie Mann's Super Mann, The Kay-Gees' Burn Me Up, as well as a later Salsoul Orchestra album entitled Heat It Up. Like many of those records, her solo material included many of disco's most notable producers and musicians including Patrick Adams, Leroy Burgess, Stan Lucas, and Michael Lewis, to name a few. Even though Venus's solo material pretty much started and stopped with her 1979 Night Rider record, her vast contributions to disco can't be ignored. Venus Dodson will probably go down in the genre's history as being one disco's most notable female vocalist. For those whom, may not be familiar, here is her 1979 solo track "Where Are We Headed"(which I personally enjoy more than "Night Rider") to help you get aquinted. Enjoy!

Venus Dodson - Where Are We Headed

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1 comment:

jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

Thanks so much, I have the LP, picked it up years ago. It is fabulous and very Burgess-y.

Peace, Jerome