Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cabana Disco Vol.02 Arrives!

Good news! The shipment of 500 copies of Cabana Disco vol.02 arrived a few days ago and will be shipped off to my distributor, All Ears, this evening. YOu should start to see this record show up in stores by the end of next week (if not sooner). You can already pre-order a copy from Piccadilly Records. I'm very excited to get this record out, I hope all of you will enjoy it!

By the way, I've already started work on Cabana Disco vol.03, which will include an edit of John Ozila's "Funky Boogie". That record will most likely be released sometime this summer!

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Ghostdad said...

Funky Boogie is one of my favorites lately man cheers to that one.

jmatt said...

will there be any copies in vancouver?

Pat Les Stache said...

Hey jmatt,

There should definitely be some copies making it's way up to Canada, however it will also be at the usual spots online like Piccadilly, Phonica, and Juno. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything more specific regarding distribution within Canada.

Q-don said...

Please dont do a stupid edit of funky boogie, the track is just as good as it is. Edit for credit is for losers!

Pat Les Stache said...

I definitely don't just 'Edit for credit'. One thing needs to be certain, the true credit should go to the original artists who came up with the original ideas of these songs, regardless if the edits made them better or not.

Second, I try to choose songs that I would like to see changed to mix better in with my own personal disco mixes. Third, I enjoy sharing them with the rest of the world to hear.

And finally, with the Cabana Disco series, I'm trying to choose songs that kind of fit with each other. Lesser known disco cuts that fall in line with that Tropical Disco sound that I love so much.

I hope people enjoy them. I hope to release volume 3 and 4 this year as well as the upcoming release of volume 2. If not...don't buy them, it doesn't hurt my feelings.