Friday, March 27, 2009

Do The Booga Loo

This 1967 tropical boogaloo gem "Calypso Blues" from Willie Rosario might be far from being 'disco', however it's a personal favorite track of mine that continues to grow on me each and everyday. That being said, I do think the track has the potential to make it's way into a great disco mix as the unusual, however effective, oddball track that every single disco mix seems to have these days. And even though it's not disco, it's definitely funky, making it a nice seasonal track as the weather starts to warm-up. Enjoy!

Willie Rosario - Calypso Blues

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Anonymous said...
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El Isabelino said...

Que buen blog!Too many great choons!This one is extra special to me since it was in dad's record collection.Thanks for the music.Hola from Puerto Rico.