Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Touch Me, Take Me

Back from a nice and long warm Memorial Day weekend and trying to just get back into the "work week" swing of things. Here is a standout track, entitled "Touch Me, Take Me", from Black Light Orchestra's funky 1977disco album Once Upon A Time.... Black Light Orchestra, aka B.L.O., was a project developed by Dominic Sciscente and Michel Daigle, a disco tag-team that produced many great records like Space Projects' "Disco From Another Galaxy", Alma Faye's "Doin' It", and Voggue's 1981 breakthrough single "Dancin' The Night Away" among many others. B.L.O. was more of a "studio" disco project, made-up of established studio musicians playing songs written mostly by Sciscente and Daigle. I recently found a copy of Once Upon A Time..., and "Touch Me, Take Me" was the track that gravitated to me the most with it's funky disco groove and minimal, however effective, vocal chorus. Definitely a nice find for those that really tend to enjoy the more instrumental side of disco.

Black Light Orchestra - Touch Me, Take Me

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This indeed is the kind of disco I like. Very long intro though and sometimes I tend to fast-forward to 2:20. Not that I have anything against long intros, but I guess the good part is sooo good I don't want to wait.

Instrumental disco but not to fal asleep with. Thank heaven.