Friday, June 05, 2009

AIE A Mwana!

For the next three posts I will actually be in New York. Due to the fact that there's a lot I need to do before my flight leaves tomorrow, I'm going to simplify my posts to the song title, artist, and artwork. They are going to consists of some reader favorites from some of my past posts. So enjoy the limited song posts while I'm in New York. I'll be back in Seattle on Wednesday and back to the usual blog posts style. Enjoy!

Black Blood - A.I.E. (A Mwana)

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Soft Clammer said...

Great song, which my older sister played to death in the mid 70s! Bananarama covered this in their 1982 debut album.

Anonymous said...

yamasuki "aieaoa"

daniel vangarde is the producer of the 3 versions & groups LPS