Friday, June 12, 2009

Chant 'N' Boogie

Another Friday, another Pat Les Stache edit! This time it's my take on John Ozila's rare 1979 disco gem "Funky Boogie". This will be one of the two B-side tracks included on the upcoming twelve-inch release of Cabana Disco Vol.03. The new record, which will feature three new re-edits, is tenatively scheduled to be released the first week in September. This record will include Stache flavoured edits of D-R-U-M's "Lalabye", Kabbala's "Ashewo Ara", as well as the Ozila track featured on today's post. I would love to hear some feedback. Hope you enjoy it!

John Ozila - Funky Boogie (Pat Les Stache Edit)

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dalestephen said...

love it !!!
love the first 2 and looking forward to # 3

just don't stop doin it

Joe Smith said...

Nice edit, Good to hear you stay true to the original but add your own bit of spice. Very much suits your sound too.. Great work!

FUSE1TON,DJ said...

hey!! im sorry to hear about the lack of input from us east coasters:(

i was planning on going to your gig while you were here but i had to dj myself that nite! im really disappointed i couldnt meet you in person to thank you for what you do!
you have been a huge source of music i wouldnt have the chance to be exposed to! i hope you can make it out here sooner then later!

Anonymous said...


ercole said...

Thank you a lot.
From my side, it was a track used in the 80's, in one of my favourite disco in Italy (cosmic at lazise).