Monday, July 06, 2009

Africano Disco

Over the past year, Fat Camp's new re-edit label Anorak has been releasing some quality re-edits. The third volume of the series opens up with "Afro Disco", which is an edit of Timmy Thomas's 1977 funky disco gem "Africano" from the album Touch To Touch. Fat Camp's edit of the track, which deserves it's own praise, reminded me of how much I love the track in general. Like the song title suggest, this song has a heavy African influenced groove which focuses a bit more on the background vocal chants and the funky instrumentation rather than any lead vocals that usually surround Thomas's other material. Regardless, I highly recommend picking up both Fat Camp's excellent edit on Anorak as well as the 1977 original. You can never quite get enough "Africano" in my opinion.

Timmy Thomas - Africano

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