Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Hear Music In The Streets

Summer is in full swing here in Seattle with temperatures averaging in the low to mid 90's. Being from California, you definitely won't hear any complaints from me. That being said I thought I would post an appropriate disco classic in Unlimited Touch's "I Hear Music In The Streets" for all those rooftop parties and barbeques. This feel-good boogie flavored cut was originally released as a twelve-inch single in 1980 and was later included on the group's 1981 self-titled album. This track has a bit of a groove that reminds me of those early 80's P & P Records releases. Regardless, it's a funky classic that fits right in with those warm summertime gatherings. Enjoy the heat!

Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets

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Anonymous said...

out here in the burbs we have the pleasure of watching sweaty fat people do yardwork..ahhh!

RetroRuss said...

Hah, great Summer tune although here in London it is damp, rainy, miserable, grey and cool! If I close my eyes, wrap myself in a duvet (for warmth) & listen to this tune then I can just about imagine a warm Summer!!