Friday, July 10, 2009

Shanks Mare Honey

I haven't posted anything "italo-esque" in a while, so here's Dance Reaction’s 1982 twelve-inch single “Shanks Mare Honey”. The hard-to-find twelve-inch single remains to be one of my most coveted records. The song was written by Dance Reaction members Andy Free and Jean Kesteman, while being produced by Frank Sauter. I find that the group is more known for their 1981 italo classic “Disco Train”, which was more recently featured on Morgan Geist’s excellent “Unclassics” compilation. Between the two, it’s hard to say which I enjoy more with both songs possessing their own unique sound. Overall, a true italo disco classic. Enjoy your weekend!

Dance Reaction - Shanks Mare Honey

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Anonymous said...

they are ridiculous
hopefully someone is over them

FUSE1TON,DJ said...

thank you again for sharing, and taking the time to post these

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Thanks

Alha said...

Great record! I have the 7" and am very happy with it.