Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Train Running

I originally posted this excellent 1982 version of The Doobie Brothers 1973 classic "Long Train Running" by Traks on other blogs, however never given song the proper recoginition of this site. I've heard a few different versions of the song including obviously The Doobie Brothers' popular rendition as well as another really good take on the song by Panama, however when all is said and done, I probably favor the Traks version the best.This version takes the funky gritty classic, and gives it a bit of a cosmic vibe by adding a slight spacey feel, especially when it comes to the songs lead vocals. The song also includes some nice afro-latin flavored percussion work that helps enhance the overall funky groove nature to the song. This song was released as a twelve-inch single and is also included on the group's 1982 album, which is also titled Long Train Running. If I had to choose between the two, I would hunt down the album over the twelve, mainly because there are some other great gems on the album including "Drums Power" part 1 & 2 and "Short Train Running", which is a shorter and more instrumental version of the lead single. Regardless, it's an amazing song and a great album that definitely is worth owning. Enjoy the weekend!

Traks - Long Train Running

Traks - Short Train Running

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Anonymous said...

I consider the instrumental version, thank you big bro

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erny said...

I agree! Its a great version ;-)