Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Nassau's Disco

Here is a funky Caribbean disco cut entitled "Nassau's Disco" by Muchos Plus that I've just been loving as of late. This rare 1979 track is an interpretation of The Beginning Of The End's 1971 funky classic "Funky Nassau". That being said, "Nassau's Disco" is not a direct note-for-note rendition of The Beginning Of The End's original. The song includes many new and original moments including the song's chorus and some of the music arrangements. The song was more recently included on the excellent Disc 'O' Lypso compilation. Regardless, it's an amazing track and a great find for anybody lucky enough to find a copy. Enjoy!

Muchos Plus - Nassau's Disco

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'Magic' Juan said...

Lucky enough is right. This record is damn near impossible to obtain and always goes for major loot on "the bay." Thanks again for sharing such gems.

RetroRuss said...

What a great find Pat...I never was aware of this version. Funky Nassau was originally record by Ray Munnings & released in the UK on the Tammi Records label. I think The Beginning of The End version was released about the same time or soon after.
By the looks of that label, finding a copy of this would be as lucky as winning the lottery!

fritz the cat said...

Top funky tune, love it, thanks

foundationcuts said...

your the man pat!you definitely have my support on your cabana label...and thanks again for the mucho plus!