Friday, September 11, 2009

Get Down Boy...Don't You Stop

From time to time I like to repost a track, especially if requested by many, that maybe someone missed downloading on the first go-around. That being said, here is The Paper Dolls 1977 disco classic "Get Down Boy". This song was arranged by none other than Patrick Adams and produced by Tyson Records owner/founder Harvey Miller. The song continues to be a personal favorite of mine, and I often play the track out in my mixes. For those that don't know, there is also an excellent extended re-edit of the song by Love On The Run on Prins Thomas's Cosmo Galactic Prism compilation. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully I will see all the Seattle folks tonight for my last Taster's Choice party.

The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy

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Anonymous said...

the sleeve was created on a small baptist church
I enjoy that for every american the world was not stoped in 2001 unfortunately the two party are under the worst values of america so I suggest a special attention to the Libertarians, I'm sure that they don't privatise music but really love
I've nothing to say than enjoy your place !

jmatt said...

awesome track so jealous that you have the original! i just have the version from prins thomas' mix