Monday, September 14, 2009

Let's Meet at the Café

One of my favorite restaurants is the Cuba Cafe located in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. On top of having amazing food, I feel like the decor of the place would make for a very interesting disco nightclub. I picture many great songs making up the place's soundtrack, including this track, D.D. Sound's 1978 extended disco gem "Café". Not Cuban, however very tropical in sounding, this funky fifteen minute-plus track excursion remains to be one of my personal favorites from the group. I find myself really enjoying all the percussion breakdowns and build-ups throughout the song. Even though I would have to say that the "Burning Love" track is my all-time favorite from the group, I can't imagine one can ignore the brilliance of this extended disco classic. Now I will go back to re-imagining my perfect Cuban-influenced nightclub.

D.D. Sound - Café

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Thurston Howell III said...

I'd better start up my yacht for another 3 hour tour!

I like this one, nice and long!

Where's my cabin boy?

andy said...

Awesome stuff dude, Haven't had a night in the last 3 months that i haven't played your Gepy & Gepy edit.

keep her sleazy


stivio said...

Try "Disco Bass"!

Greeting from Bologna