Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Question Jam Answer

I thought I would post the whole version of Fela Kuti & The Africa 70's "Question Jam Answer" after playing an excerpt of the thirteen-plus minute Afro-beat gem on the last Booga Beat Radio broadcast. This song is featured on Kuti's 1975 Music of Fela: Volume 2 record. I was really excited to find an original used copy of this LP over the weekend. I wasn't really aware of this record prior to finding it, however after just a few listens since owning it, I must say the record is very impressive. All three tracks, that make up the entirety of the album, have that "Fela Kuti signature" Afro-beat that made him such an influential musician. This is definitely the kind of record that can make a long Sunday afternoon of crate-digging well worth it. Enjoy!

Fela Kuti - Question Jam Answer

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I have Roforofo fight b'w go slow with ethe exact same cover.

Thansk for the post.


Anonymous said...

love your beauty music
give support and many thanks!


Anonymous said...

13 minutes of an E flat minor 7 chord. Interesting.