Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Street Dance

The Fatback Band released many great tracks during the seventies including the amazing "Spanish Hustle" in 1975, which happens to be a personal favorite of mine. Another single that I really enjoy from this group is the 1972 funky cut "Street Dance". This track was originally included on the group's first record Let's Do It Again, and was the song that pretty much helped launch the group's outstanding career. The song has that signature funky "fatback band-groove" ontop of what sounds like a New York "block-party" type gathering. With only a few warm days left in the year, I guess this would be a perfect track for those end-of-summer parties. Enjoy!

The Fatback Band - Street Dance

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Anonymous said...

it was allways cooler to like and dance to this version back in the day,but the J.A.AL.N BAND had a very good cover version of this song,which in general i prefer.
a chum of mine from 6MS copied a longer bootleg version of the J.A.L.N BAND track which is far more funkier,with great solo sax licks.
points awarded if you know what the bands mame J.A.L.N stood for.
good luck on your move

professor Eddy said...

The ending is a little sudden, but I always like Fatback, even in the 1980's when their music became much slicker ('Love undercover').

J.A.L.N. stands for 'just another lonely night', btw. Do I get the extra points? ;-)

LjP said...

Great Funky tune!!!

merci les moustaches, hé hé

Tony Schwa said...

if you haven't yet, check out the cuebism edit of this jams!