Friday, October 09, 2009

Wild Safari

Since I do have a huge collection of music, mp3's, and mainly records, I sometimes like to go through the archives of this blog to see what I have posted and what I haven't. Recently I was going through past posts and I was shocked to find that I had never posted Barrabas' 1972 funky disco classic "Wild Safari". This track, which is a personal favorite of mine, is just one of the many classic cuts off the group's amazing self-titled record which happens to also include the loft classic "Woman" (A top five favorite of mine). The 1972 LP, is by far one of my most prized records from my collection. "Wild Safari" is the type of track that represents everything that I love so much about the group that wrote it. Gritty vocals, funky latin grooves, and a bit of a classic 70's rock feel. A sound that Barrabas definately mastered during the seventies. Overall, an amazing track from an amazing band. What more do you need?!

Barrabas - Wild Safari

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professor Eddy said...

Very good choice, Pat. I wrote about Barrabas on my blog too. The strength of the record is the combination of funk, disco, rock, Latin and a few African rhythms. It's such a tasty melting pot! And all the best of course after your grandmother's death. Hopefully the music will give you some support.

philphila said...

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Anonymous said...

Wait, sorry, my previous 'much thanks' comment was meant for this post. -anonymous