Monday, June 23, 2008

Blow Me Hot & Slow

South Africa's HOT R.S. (aka House Of The Rising Sun) could be credited for just about everyone's favorite slow-tempo disco song with 1977's "Slow Blow". This track which has been edited by both Phantom Slasher and Prins Thomas (under the name Major Swellings) originally appeared on HOT R.S.'s debut self-titled record that featured a dark-italo cover version of The Animals' popular classic, "House Of The Rising Sun", which by the way, seems to have been covered by every disco group during the 70's. This project was anchored by l egendary South African clarinetist Dan Hill and producer/percussionist Kevin Kruger, mind behind the disco project Disco Rock Machine of the late 1970's. From what I know, HOT R.S. only released one more record in Forbidden Fruit in 1978, however their 1977 classic cut of "Slow Blow" still seems to be a favorite among many disco enthusiasts and producers.

HOT R.S. - Slow Blow
HOT R.S. - House Of The Rising Sun

I also came across a slightly different version of "Slow Blow" by the Bongo Disco System, which was renamed "Slow Disco", however haven't been able to find out anything about Bongo Disco System or the actual release. Does anybody have any information on this record?

Bongo Disco System - Slow Disco

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Anonymous said...

Hi TJ, just dropping by again to give some info about a great track you've posted. As I found out, Bongo Disco System's "Slow Disco" is actually a release from late 70's/early 80's included in a quite rare and obscure compilation by eclectic Italian DJ Daniele Baldelli, along with such other hits as "Funky Boogie", "The Clapping Song", and "Mission Impossible" (Krono System Record/KRS 8031).

At first listening, no remarkable rearranging work seems to have been done on Hot R.S.' "Slow Blow", except for the 40-second intro's cut - which results in a perfectly matching running time for both tracks. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to listen to the other tracks, so I can't tell whether they are the original versions or not.

That said, this one is undoubtedly a terrific hit, and no wonder it probably worked fine also as a source of inspiration for Baldelli's then rising "Cosmic Sound".

Keep up the good work, as usual.

- Dr. Sven -

Anonymous said...

Regarding my previous comment, I just re-checked up, finding out I was wrong again: No link between Baldelli and Bongo Disco System. Except for that, the other details - label, catalog #, and tracklist - seem to be correct.

B.D.S. might possibly be a studio act performing covers of famous hits, even if their version of "Slow Blow" it's only a re-titled, shorter cut of the original one. That's really strange, isn't it?

- Dr. Sven -

Pat Les Stache said...

Hey Dr. Sven,

Thanks for all the info regarding the release. I would love to hear the whole thing. I didn't notice much difference between the two versions. However, I think there might be some kind of connection between Baldelli and this release. Maybe it's just a track that he used to play often?

Anonymous said...

I agree, no doubt about it: The two cuts are obviously the same, except for the intro. I'm just wondering if this Bongo Disco System's LP ain't no more than a sort of bootleg, given the almost complete lack of info about it on the web.

Anyway, the track perfectly fits Baldelli's afro and cosmic atmospheres, he must have played it often for sure. But, assuming that kind of connection, how many DJ's around the world should it be connected to? Just kiddin', of course...

- Dr. Sven -

bj said...

House of the Rising Sun appears in a 70's gay porno called "DUNE BUDDIES" - a bit odd with all the female moaning, actually! But have been trying to find the full version for years - so thanks!

Premini said...

Wow this vinyl may cost a little fortune. Do you have it?

Oh and btw "House of the rising sun" It's a traditional American song coposed by an anonymous author. The Animals cover is the most popular.

Pat Les Stache said...

I actually don't have a copy of the record, however, getting a copy has been a high priority of mine, so hopefully I'll be able to hunt one down possibly online soon.

It makes sense that the "House of the Rising Sun" song has an anonymous writer, making it easy for a group to cover it, which therefore explains why so many have.

Premini said...

Discogs seems to have some bargains :)

Anonymous said...

i always like prins thomas' edit of slow blow the most... :) keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Could you please repost?



the saucer people said...

Another of the constant requests for re-posts..throw it on the pile lol..looking for the track you put up in 2008!
"Bongo Disco System - Slow Disco"
With two years gone by surely its time for a new generation of visitors to hear how it differes from "Slow Blow"> you ever find the "Disco Rock Machine" album? I found a good rip of their Kinks "You Really Got Me" which is spellblinding in its disco-rawk majesty but thats about it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Was looking for HOT R.S and came across a site called Retro Disco, some fantastic disco gems, incl. house of the rising sun and forbidden fruit, also check out People like us, absolute favourite, also Cafe Society.

Cheers from South africa!!!