Friday, November 20, 2009

The Boogie is Back

This past week, the always wonderful label of BBE released a new compilation put together by DJ Spinna of boogie gems from the "post-disco" era. The solid record includes classic boogie cuts like Ronnie Dyson's "All Over Your Face", South Bronx's "The Bottom Line", Chemise's "She Can't Love You", and Jan Leslie Holmes' "I'm Your Superman" just to name a few. From all the compilations that I have come across, this might just be the best boogie-genre based comp I've ever heard. Now I'm sure I can be wrong, and people will definately inform me if I am, however the point is that this is an amazing new collection of post-disco boogie music that I highly recommend go snatching up. Enjoy your weekend!

Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face
(Download will only be available for a couple of days, go buy the record!)

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Anonymous said...

Yo Pat - thank you for this one - and for EVERYTHING you put up here - a GREAT website!!


Anonymous said...

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professor Eddy said...

You can listen to DJ Spinna's Boogie Bundle mix on:

It's very nice (although I haven't heard any vocals yet)!

Derek George said...

Great post! Gotta love that arpeggio bass line.