Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coffy Is The Color

Here is one of my favorite soundtrack cuts in Roy Ayers' "Coffy Is The Color" from one of my favorite blaxploitation movies Coffy. This soundtrack and movie was released in 1973 and feature the blaxploitation queen herself, Pam Grier. Showcased on tracks like "Coffy Is The Color", this soundtrack shows off Ayers more funk and souful side with compositions like "Coffy Sauna" and "Coffy Baby". Personally I think this soundtrack is right up there with other known blaxploitation releases like Shaft, Superfly, and Foxy Brown. If you can't hunt down an original copy there is no need to worry, as you generally find a reissue out there to tie you over. Overall, it's a great soundtrack written by an amazing artist from an all-time classic movie of it's time. What more do you need? Enjoy!

Roy Ayers - Coffy Is The Color

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Eleanor said...

omg, so funky, xylophone solo. thank you!

Anonymous said...

roy > everyone else

professor Eddy said...

Great track! And I love Pam Grier, she's so cool. Check the new compilation album 'Can You Dig It' on Soul Jazz Records, if you like Blaxploitation music.

AL said...

check the jamiroquai version they did on tour a few years ago - brilliant!