Thursday, November 05, 2009

Funky Afrodesia

Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder have been the minds behind many great disco records and projects under many different aliases including Discognsis, Le Pamplemousse, In Search of Orchestra, El Coco, and many others. Here is another solid cut from Rinder and Lewis's El Coco project entitled "Afrodesia" from the 1978 record Dancing in Paradise. This is just one of the many great tracks off this album, which also includes funky disco cuts like "Love In Your Life", "Coco Kane", and the title track "Dancing in Paradise". Overall, El Coco's "Afrodesia" is just another of many fine productions produced by two of the most active and exceptional disco producers of the mid to late 1970's.

El Coco - Afrodesia

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1 comment:

scratchandsniff said...

Cracking tune which was sampled in Mount Rushmores "You Better"