Friday, November 12, 2010

Late Night Nite-Flyte

I usually don't embed music from other blogs (Thanks AOR Disco, Go Visit their site!), however this mix is just too good not to share. Here is a new mix by DJ Supermarkt/Mellow Mafia titled NITE-FLYTE: Funky 1978 L.A. Softrock For Your Next Nite-Drive. As the title suggests, the mix is a collection of forgotten softrock gems that border a bit on laid back disco and funky yachtrock. This might just be the feel-good mix of the century! Enjoy!

You can purchase this mix over at Rough Trade. GO BUY IT!
Find the full playlist over at the AOR Disco Blog.

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professor Eddy said...

Very nice blog! I like their Al Stewart edit.

dr. sleep said...

love your blog and edits, and, thanks for sharing this mix. now i'm obsessed with aor disco, too!

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that's Chery Ladd on the cover?

Pat Les Stache said...

Very aware, thanks though.