Friday, March 04, 2011

Hot Butterfly Boogie

With Grow Up being tonight, I thought I would feature a feel-good boogie gem in Bionic Boogie's "Hot Butterfly". This track was the title track off the group's 1978 album, which was entirely written and produced by Gregg Diamond. The lead vocals on the track were sung by none other than R&B/Soul legend Luther Vandross. This was slightly before Luther had gone out on his own and released his own solo work. Even though I find that this late seventies album was mostly known for the disco classic "Chains", I tend to prefer the funky soulful cut "Hot Butterfly". Enjoy!

Bionic Boogie - Hot Butterfly

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Jim Gordon said...


soulie said...

Just a great tune and album.
A vastly underrated artist,who had, under various names both wrote/performed some of the disco genre greatest tuneage.

Pat did you receive those two comps i sent you?.


umBL0GD said...

...wasn't aware that ms khan's 'papillon' was a remake... hmmmm...

djjohnengland said...

MS Khan's pales next to this one! I have loved it since the first day I got the 12" promo of this.