Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Mighty Africa With Fury

This week, Seun Anikulapo Kuti & Egypt 80 are releasing a great new record titled From Mighty Africa With Fury: Rise. This album, which follows the 2008 critically praised debut Many Things, features a number of heavy-hitting politically driven Afrobeat cuts including the high-energy gems "African Soldier", "You Can Run", "Mr. Big Thief", and the funky single "Rise". The record, which was produced by Brian Eno, is solid from start to finish, capturing the intensity and energy that was so present in all of his father, Fela Kuti's great recordings. I think anyone who listen's to this album will agree that this is easily one of the top records of 2011. Another great masterpiece that helps continue the Kuti family legacy. Enjoy!

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 - Rise

Click Here to purchase Seun Kuti & Egypt 80's new album From Mighty Africa With Fury: Rise.

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