Monday, June 13, 2011

Nightflight to Trinidad

Here is the final track, titled "Nightflight to Trinidad", off of my recently released Cabana Disco Vol.05 12". The re-edit is an instrumental reworking of a rare Caribbean boogie gem that came out in 1981 (maybe the photo above will give you a hint).

For those that still haven't picked up a copy of Cabana Disco Vol.05, I wouldn't wait too much longer as the record is selling quickly in stores and there is no plans for a repressing at this time. That being said, I would still love to know what everyone thinks about the new release, so please fill free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Enjoy!

Pat Les Stache - Nightflight to Trinidad

Purchase Cabana Disco Vol.05:
Juno Records (Sold Out!)
Piccadilly Records
Phonica Records
Fat City Records
Rough Trade Shops

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professor Eddy said...

This is exactly the type of music I like on sunny days! There's very nice percussion on it.

Anonymous said...

it's great, i love all your edits, and thanks for all the african disco lately. bring it!