Monday, April 16, 2007

Flavour Saver

In 2005, Idjut Boys's Noid Recordings released one of my favorite LP's of all time in Major Swellings's, self-titled 2xLP. This debut record by Major Swellings, aka Prins Thomas was born when the Idjut Boys, who have DJ’d with him several times, were highly impressed with Thomas's interpretations and love for disco, which therefore led to the Idjut brothers promptly signing him to their new label, Noid. This LP has a synth dub sexy disco sound that places a high emphasis on driving percussion and cosmic layering. I'm not in the pornography business, however sometimes I like to think that this would be the perfect soundtrack. In my opinion there isn't a bad track on the album, and it makes me sometimes scratch my head as to why we haven't had a follow-up release. However, Major Swellings has recently released two solid remixes of Putsch '79's "Doing it", and Stephen Malkmus's "Kindling For The Master". If you can get a hold of this record, don't hesitate in buying it.

Major Swellings-Flavoursaver
Major Swellings-Assquake

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SFB said...

Assquake is a real scorcher. It should go over well on the dance floor out here!

H.M.A. said...

this is fantastic! thanks so much for letting us know who this guy is. i loves me the prins thomas and this is a sick addition to the collection! now here's hoping i find my own copy!

Morrie said...

Major Swellings is a must have! Excellent choice of tracks.

This is a great site with a wonderful selection of music [incl. your own!].

Many thanks and hope you keep going with it all.

Joel BrĂ¼t said...

I have two mp3s from this album that I listen to all the time. One is Assquake and the other is Stinkende Finger. I have no Idea where I got them, but they blow my mind. Today I decided that I needed to know more and just realized after looking at Discogs that it is Prins Thomas! WTF! Now I realize that he is a true genius. I had thought that some of his productions were quite a bit cheesy, but this record is incredible. I need the rest! This is definitely secret weapon material.