Monday, April 02, 2007

Permanently Discotized

Munich based label Permanent Vacation released a new 12-inch single this past week from Spain's Ilya Santana. Ilya's "Leather Blackpants After Midnight" off of the 2006 Permanent Vacation Sampler 12" was definately a solid standout track among the compilation that gave us a good insight for what was to come. Now he releases his first solo 12-inch off of Permanent Vacation entitled, Discotized. This single is a cosmic disco masterpiece that includes two amazing tracks, "Discotized" and "Holding You". Both are solid downtempo disco house productions that are very reminescent of the music that is exploding out of Norway lately. This is an oustanding release for both Ilya Santana and Permanent Vacation, another great record to add to both of their respective collections.

Ilya Santana - Discotized
Ilya Santana - Holding You

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trower said...

Please can you post 'tasted' by 'she' and 'X8/XX8 ;|8|'?? Thanks, mate, and please keep up the good work!